Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fulfillment and a voice

As promised back with something a little more heady, thanks to  a change to a different altered state.

Today I am feeling unfulfilled, without a voice and wondering what my contribution to this great big experiment  that is the human race will be....
At times my chosen "profession" keeps me going .... Believe it our not this intoxicated intellect spends his days trying to add to our understanding of that mass sponge in a skull, the brain. However, at times the rat race of that particular game leaves me disillusioned. My ideals is to understand how we respond to the obstacles of this world and what occurs "under the hood" went we irrevocably succumb to the overwhelming circumstances.  However, the everyday trials often obscure that bright idealistic vision, and my will bends to the burden of doubt, " is this really my way .... Will it achieve my dream ... Will it be the way I make a difference?".

Thus, I am here... Reaching out to share and connect.... I have no guidance, just the conviction to keep moving an, eyes open towards what the the moments may bring.

How about you?

Till next time

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ever onward

Back again folks. To all my imaginary readers I'm sorry for making you wait so long, but really what would you expect from a hard working drunk!

So I have a fun story about a recent holiday that happened a few days after my last post.

I went to a house some party/concert where many were camping out as a means to safely getting rip roaringly blitzed. There was copious amounts of "green" food and my lady and friend and I brought plenty of wine plus there were kegs, and other spirits.  All the makings for a splendidly debaucherous evening. The only thing that was missing for the occasion for myself  and my lovely lady was actual food (I think you can figure out where this is going...) we partake of many of the delicious goodies, enjoyed the music, the company, and for myself  partook of a few too many shots.   The music was diverse and fun ranging from folk singing to some truly well done heavy metal. My poor pup would disagree  I think though, a bit too screeching for his sensitive ears. And that is where it all begins to fade ... There was a fire dancer ... Yes that's right a fire dancer i was shocked and drunkenly in awe of this brave youth! Conversations with an old biker ... Smart enough to deny our pleads for a late night ride! I imagine much more but i have no one who can fill in the gaps. We awoke in in the tent early in the morning, feeling incredible ill, still intoxicated and sore from not having sufficient cushioning ... Our late arrival meant In addition to missing out on the normal food not getting a ideal spot to camp. The fun was all gone for us ... Not so for everyone as a few stranglers were still at it ... smoking and chatting ... Wish I had had better pacing and stamina! So we packed it up and made the drive home and parked our tired asses on the couch for a TV binge and some hair of the dog. Our little pup looked at us smugly ... Enjoying our discomfort a bit too much!

Well perhaps this was entertaining ... Certainly not intellectually stimulating but stay tuned ... We'll try out the cerebral next time!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Uhhhh... Salutations

So how the hell did you end up here?! Oh who cares your reading this now and at least maybe I'll have someone to while away the mundane hours of the morning.  So yes I'm here to share about a drunken intellect. No this is not an oxymoron... Idiot!  Forgive me sometimes I'm snippy but I don't mean it.. It's all harmless fun! To me anyways but yes I am drunk.

So if you're still reading this you may be wondering what in God's name is the point of this pathetic blog, well I'll tell you ... Well in a minute, first I'ld like to point a question .... What do you think God's name is ? Hmmm .... Yahweh ? Something unutterable? Me, I say I have no clue. 

Well anyways, enough of that digression. The point of this blog is in some ways the point of life ... To touch and be touched. No that in that drab physical sense, get your mind out of the gutter! 
But truly to reach out and commune about shared human experience.  Now to be honest I'm not sure that the Internet is the most conducive place for shared human experiences ... I prefer striking  up a bit of inane chit chat with my fellow barmate! But what the hell I'm here and lets see how this random bit of boredom turns out. 

What drives and motivates us to put our words down, in this case, the digital page aka blog?

I'm imagine that if I'm anything like the rest of humanity its for a sense of reassurance ... To glimpse tht perhaps we actually do have something to offer that can be meaningful to another. Honestly, I think we all have much to share and I hope to hear from some of you tasty bits of what your life has given you. 

For me, mine has brought me many evenings of lively libations. Some with rip roaring stories of meeting up with friends, passing around the bottle, slobbering all over your mate's new girl on the dance floor, i mean honestly who hasn't been there before. Then of course there's the nights where you can't keep to gather, pass out in some public space and end up being awakened by some uniformed chap and spend some time in your very own luxiours concrete cell. 

In the in between time you may like me, ponder the inner workings of the mind, emotions and how alcohol produces all these ludicrous actions.  Is it nature is it nurture ... We'll perhaps thats a ramble for another day.

And with that I think I'll pass out now. It's been fun having this monologue with you and hope a dialogue manifests soon. And to my first reader thank you for giving me a small piece of your extremely valuable life. I hope to offer more of mine to you again. 


-- intoxicatingly yours